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Photo Shape Editor:

Hey guys, I’m Veer Gupta.

Photo Shape Editor:

It’s great to have you here!

I’m Harman Khosa.




So you’re probably wondering why this OLD and frankly HORRIBLE picture of us is up here.


And why we’re wearing white coats and I’m holding a piece of paper?

Well believe it or not, this was a very important time in our lives. This picture represents the culmination of the first two years of medical school. This is where we both met and became really good friends. We bonded over the mutual goal of trying NOT to fail our exams!


We went to school on an island in the Dutch West Indies by the name of Saba. We completed two years of basic medical sciences there. Our time on the island was VERY busy. Our exams were structured in “blocks” which lasted for an hour. We’d have 5 continuous block exams in one day every 2 weeks – that’s like 5 hours straight…Yikes!




So we had a lot of FUN on the island too (after exams).


Saba is in the top 10 places in the world to scuba dive. There are gorgeous hiking trails. A rich mix of European & African heritage. And the shortest commercial runway in the world!

After our time on Saba ended, we spent the final 2 years of medical school engaging in clerkships at different hospitals across the U.S. Since we are both originally from Canada this was an amazing experience for us! We had the opportunity to live in SO MANY states and really get an appreciation for the country.

This brings us to today…


We both completed our post-graduate training at separate Family Medicine programs in the Midwest. I joined a practice in the Las Vegas area, and Harman joined a group back in Vancouver.


During our journey we came to realize the GREAT disparity that exists in the healthcare system. Every year, as more facilities fall under corporate control, healthcare providers are expected to see patients faster and faster – turning patient care into a production line. The MOST important question has become “what will make money for the corporation”. This shift in attitude has made the doctor-patient interaction less meaningful. We now have a system where there is decreased focus on patient advocacy and little time for patient education.

After speaking to the public,

we came across 3 common complaints

My provider does not fully address my issues

The management plan doesn’t work for me

I still have questions at the end of my visit


Here is our answer:


We created EZMed Podcast (EP)an innovative & progressive solution for the needs of our society.

Our goal is to CHANGE the patient experience. We want you to be involved in all aspects of your health care. Instead of your provider, we want you to be the one that makes the decisions.


Through our podcast we’ll teach you what we’ve learned over years of medical training – in a way that’s easy to understand. So next time you visit your provider: you’ll be the one setting the agenda and negotiating the plan.

Our Material

High Quality Free Content

We give away 99% of our material for free. Why you ask? Because we want to build a strong relationship with you.

The Complete Picture

We don't just focus on medications. We'll include information about herbs & supplements, diet plans, yoga, fitness and much more.

Optimized Clinic Visits

With our health management advise your clinic visits will be more fruitful. Your questions will now be targeted & you'll have more action items to discuss.

Welcome to a new era…





Your Hosts,



Veer & Harman


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