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We at EZMed Podcast strive to give you health information that’s useful for your everyday lives. Our goal is to address the gaps in the doctor-patient relationship and provide you with tools to help you make better decisions about your health. Our business is designed for all of you – our users, readers, subscribers and customers; so we want to be completely transparent about disclosing our policy on monetization.


We currently make money through our business via two sources 1) affiliate commissions and 2) the direct sale of our products.


Each episode we hope to engage you in a topic in the medical field that’s of the greatest value to you. We bring guests and experts in the field to help us expand on these topics and at times promote certain products that are relevant to the content of our episodes. We receive a commission from the sale of these products if you decide to purchase them through the links provided in our “Podcast” section.


We are also hard at work creating new products, such as e-books, instructional video courses, smartphone apps and physical merchandise for all of you to enjoy. Many of these, we send as free gifts to our “EP Family Members” who sign up to our membership list. Others, we sell as premium products through our website or other associated links for you to purchase at your leisure.


We promise that each and every product, whether it be through affiliate marketing or personally designed by us, is of the highest value and something we feel will truly benefit you. Furthermore, the money we make from these sales helps us to grow our business and in turn allows us to create new ways of bringing you great content!


If you have any questions about our monetization policies, please do not hesitate to reach us through our “Contact Us” page.


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Veer & Harman